FC United – FA Cup arrangements

FCUM copyToday sees the biggest game in Sporting Khalsa’s history as we are proud to welcome FC United of Manchester to the Aspray Arena in the FA Cup Fourth Round Qualifying.

Clearly, this match will attract significant attention from the media and spectators from both FC United of Manchester and the West Midlands.

As you can see above, a working party were out early this morning (including striker Craig Bannister and manager Ian Rowe) moving tonnes of bricks and scrap to clear space for the anticipated larger crowds.

Following early discussions with FC United of Manchester officials to set a mutually fair ticket price – with a 50-50 split of the proceeds, as is the case in all FA Cup ties – we have been working to make the day as enjoyable for visitors, old and new, to the club for what we hope will be a brilliant day.

Our normal match day facilities would be unable to cope so we have had extra facilities added – including the creation of two Fan Zones on either side of the ground – to avoid supporters having to spend unnecessary time queuing up while the match is taking place.

Pay on the day

Admission is £8 and £5 concessions, with under 16s £2. And yes, we understand FCUM have a strong student following so we’re offering student discount as a concession on production of the card. It’s pay on the turnstile, unsegregated and we’ll have several turnstiles open. Our advice is get there early, which leads us to our next point….

Drinking and eating

The famous Sporting Khalsa food will be waiting for visitors. Curry and rice will be £3 alongside other snacks to help line the stomach and keep you focused on the match. We’re keen to make sure the drink is also reasonably priced so pint bottles of beer will be £3 (in addition to a few other options for the non-beer lads).

Clearly, it is important we abide by the FA rules on drinking pitchside but the two Fan Zones will be next to the pitch and have plenty of outside standing areas.

Getting here and parking

For directions to the Aspray Arena, click here.

The car park at the Aspray Arena will be for disabled and pass holders ONLY. However, we are located in the middle of a largely industrial area and there should be room. However, we would urge visitors to get there early and be respectful to neighbours.

Minibuses and coaches can drop off at the ground. We have provided parking for minibuses and coaches at nearby Aspray Logistics at the junction of Waterey Lane and Neachells Lane.



Bring them along, there’s loads of space around the ground to put them up, we’ll even give you a hand if you can collar one of us. With our flags as well it will look stunning.

Duncan Edwards statue

We understand there will be quite a lot of interest in the Duncan Edwards statue in nearby Dudley town centre. Dudley is about eight miles away, or 20 minutes by car. It is worth noting that the statue, which has been in Dudley town centre since 1999 has now been relocated as part of the transformation of the market area in the town. Full details are available here, we’d hate anyone to turn up and think it’s been taken away!

Programmes and merchandise

The normal matchday programme – as befitting such an occasion – will be beefed up, expanded and the souvenir will be priced £2. A selection of Sporting Khalsa merchandise (scarves, badges, etc) will be on sale.


All media representation MUST be agreed in advance with Sporting Khalsa and will not under any circumstances be accepted on the day itself. To make a request email us. We’ll be making facilities available for media and the normal team sheets and player notes, etc.

Specific requests

Any unusual requests that you think we MIGHT be able to help with, don’t hesitate to drop us a line on to contactus@sportingkhalsa.com and we’ll do our level best to accommodate.

* * * *

This is the biggest day in our club’s short history, we’re playing a club we have huge admiration for in a grassroots sense. We hope the whole occasion will be great for everyone.


The trustees, staff and players of Sporting Khalsa