The day after the night before

FCUM copyAlthough we weren’t quite able to bridge the gap of three leagues yesterday, there are a few important reflections to be made now the smoke (ahem) has cleared.

First, to the visitors. A more fantastic, passionate and all-round brilliant bunch you really couldn’t wish to meet, from the playing and coaching staff to the fans and committee. We’d all heard the rumours and everything was true. That was our first defeat at home in any competition in more than a year and we imagine FCUM will know they’ve been in a game. It was a superb contest, played in the right spirit (just the one booking in a pretty competitive match) and we hope organisationally we did the visitors proud. As a club, Sporting Khalsa genuinely hope our paths cross again in the future and we wish you the very, very best in the next round of the competition and for the rest of the season. Please, please, don’t ever change.

Second, on behalf of the club, a huge thank you to our players and the coaching staff. The work that Rowey and his coaching staff do with his players, proudly wearing the badge of Sporting Khalsa, never ceases to amaze and inspire everybody involved at the club. Once again, the players went and battled against a really, really good side, lifted themselves when others might have given up and did themselves and the name Sporting Khalsa proud. There is so, so much more to come from these and we know Rowey will be picking them back up to go again as there’s everything still to play for this season.

Thirdly, to everyone who helped to prepare for the big occasion. At Sporting Khalsa our view is that what goes on on the pitch is down to players and staff, but what’s most important are the thing that keep the game alive, the supporters. That a lot of work went into organising the big day is no secret and there were many, many hours of volunteering graft that went into making the day the success it was. There are too many to mention, but a massive debt of gratitude to everyone who went above and beyond to make the occasion so successful.

Fourthly, if you’re local and came to see the match and enjoyed yourself, don’t be a stranger! The food and drink is a standard and on a normal day the 442 Bar and Lounge is open, so keep an eye on our twitter and website. We’re actually at home on Tuesday night in another cup game. Go and have a look at our fixtures.

Fifth, we received so many good luck messages from around the world and it seems our story and history has captured the imagination. Thanks to everyone who took the time to wish us well. Make sure you follow our story, it’s only just begun!

But – and, in life there’s always a but, isn’t there? – we’re conscious of the fact that a small number of local troublemakers seemed determined to spoil the day for everyone. We’re pretty confident these people had to look up ‘Noose Lane’ on the school computer during the week in order to find us. Let’s be absolutely crystal clear, these people are nothing to do with Sporting Khalsa, they’re nothing to do with non-league football and are sadly just something society has to tolerate, whether we like it or not. You would also think that if you go looking for fights, the pre-requisite is that you’re good at fighting. It seems not. We’ve co-operated with our friends at the police, they’re happy with the arrangements we put in place and will continue to co-operate. We desperately hope the actions of a few idiots didn’t take any enjoyment from FC United or any of the neutrals.

All in all, however, everyone at the club is delighted. So, to everybody who played a part in making yesterday such a success, we thank you.

One love,

Sporting Khalsa

P.S. Did we mention we have MORE games coming up?