Statement on MFA Player of the Season award

Tes Robinson – joint recipient 😉

On Saturday night, the Midland Football League held their end of season presentation awards to mark another fantastic season of action on the pitch and to celebrate the efforts of players and staff, as well as the people whose service keeps the league running week in, week out.

As previously noted, it was expected that Sean Williams – voted opposition man of the match in 14 appearances last season for Khalsa and his previous club Quorn – would be awarded the player of the season award having topped the charts.

However, when the award was made on the night, it was with some surprise that Khalsa skipper Tes Robinson was announced as the winner when, it was believed, he had finished in second place with 13 opposition man of the match awards.

Well, following an investigation and a recount, the league have today informed us that, in fact, the two players finished on an equal number of awards.

The reasons and details really aren’t important, so we won’t go into it here. The league have acknowledged the error and, fair play to them, have promised they will rectify it.

What is important is that Sporting Khalsa is proud to have both of the joint Midland Football League players of the season.

Anybody who even remotely follows West Midlands non-league football will know Willo and Tes are two of the finest players to ever play at this level and are admired by team-mates and opposition players alike. Both had magnificent seasons and, frankly, both deserve the award.

Congratulations, gentlemen!